Saturday, January 26, 2013

Week one detoxification results

A wide array of different results reported: weight loss 5-12 pounds, sinusitis gone, better sleep, more energy, sugar cravings gone or decreasing, fainting spells gone, clearer thinking, and the list goes on and on. The Standard Process Purification program is amazing and changes lives!

Friday, January 18, 2013


Our office is starting a three week long group detoxification program. Start next week and join our three weekly classes on Tuesdays from 6-7. There is more power and accountability in groups. Lose weight and feel great. Give the office a call if interested 206-429-2922.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nutrition Cafe's

Are you ready to get your health back? Are you suffering from the ill effects of fibromyalgia? Well, we are ready to help you get the information you need to take back your health.

Come to one of our Nutrition Cafe talks the first Tuesday of the month. The talk is free, but space is limited! Call 206-429-2922 to get your space reserved for one of our upcoming talks!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


If you suffer from fibromyalgia, there are five things you must do:

1. Test the thyroid with the Barnes temperature test

2. Test the adrenal/kidney system with the Ragland's blood pressure test

3. Quit all synthetic vitamins (most store-bought vitamins, including internet sources) and work with your doctor to wean off all prescription drugs.

4. Go on a low-carbohydrate diet like the Atkins diet or our Low-Carbohydrate diet.

5. Get your nervous system checked by a chiropractic doctor.

Stopping all synthetic vitamins and prescription drugs will bring quick relief to more than 30% of sufferers. Determining and correcting thyroid/adrenal kidney problems will resolve problems for another 20% of sufferers. And finally, treating for an underlying infection will resolve problems for another 20% of sufferers. That accounts for a whopping 70% of all cases. The remainder can also be greatly improved through rehabilitative chiropractic care to free up the nervous system.

The best part of eliminating these five causes of Fibromyalgia is that once accomplished, you will get better in all kinds of other ways as well –what I call positive side effects.

Thyroid Test

To test your thyroid gland, simply take your underarm temperature on five different mornings. Do this by having a thermometer at your bedside. Place it under your arm for 10 minutes immediately upon awakening (before moving around or getting out of bed). Record the five readings and determine if the average is under 97.4. If it is, you need to treat for hypothyroid by taking three to six Thytrophin tablets. Then add 4-6 Cataplex-F tablets of 1-3 Prolamine Iodine tablets (unless you are allergic to Iodine) daily for at least 120 days. Then retest. These products are all from Standard Process.

Adrenal/Kidney Test

To test the adrenal/kidney system, you need a partner who knows how to take blood pressure and has a stethoscope and blood pressure cuff. You are more likely to have this system as a cause of your problems if you suffer from chronic dizziness and/or night sweats. Start by taking your blood pressure while lying on your back. Record this number.
Leave the blood pressure cuff on your arm, stand up and immediately take your blood pressure again. You are interested in the first number (your systolic). This number must rise 10 points or more when you stand up. If it does not or if it drops you need to treat you adrenal/kidney system. Take three to six Drenamin daily for at least 120 days. Then retest. Drenamin is also from Standard Process.

Vitamins and Prescription Drugs

Please do not brush off the treatment of eliminating synthetic vitamins and prescription drugs. These, along with shots of all types, antibiotics, and vaccines, are major causes of fibromyalgia. Some typical examples of prescription drug problems include: estrogen causing limb aches, statins (cholesterol lowering drugs) causing chronic aching and neuropathies, and flu shots causing near paralysis. With drugs taken in combination, there are too many possible reactions to list in a book.

Low-Carbohydrate Diet

You may need to be on a extremely low-carbohydrate diet like the Atkins or our Low-Carbohydrate Diet. You also need to eliminate all wheat and grains for 30 days. This dietary change alone has made chronic sufferers become asymptomatic in 30 days or less.
The remainder of sufferers who do not respond need an individualized protocol developed. This is not always easy. And it is not easy to find a doctor you can trust. But the good news is that with these four simple tests and treatments, you have a great chance of being cured. And at worst, you will be much better than you have been.

Nervous System Evaluation

One area you do not want to overlook is to have your nervous system evaluated. Chronic pressure on your upper neck can cause a host of problems from headaches, ringing in the ears, and widespread pain. It is very common, almost epidemic, how often a reversed cervical (neck) curve is found putting pressure on the nervous system in a fibromyalgia patient. Have a chiropractor examine your nervous system to find out if this part of the problem. Treatments can be extremely light when requested. Reversed cervical curves can take from a couple months to a year to correct.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Email Communication

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Don't Distress--De-Stress!

Stress is more than a discomfort. Studies indicate that it can be a threat to your health.

A study published in the journal Neurology in 2003 found that the people most prone to distress were more than twice as likely to develop Alzheimer’s Disease as the people least prone to distress. A Duke University study found that heart patients could dramatically reduce their chance of further cardiac problems by practicing stress reduction techniques. A study published in December 2005 in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute found that stress can increase the odds of developing skin cancer.

More recently, scientists from Australia’s Garvan Institute have found that during periods of stress, nerves release a great deal of neuropeptide Y (NPY) into the bloodstream during periods of stress. NPY directly impacts the cells in the immune system that seek out and destroy bacteria and viruses—so people may be more vulnerable to illness during periods of stress. And last year, the journal Science reported that stress can even make you forgetful.

So what can you do to keep your stress levels low, and help yourself feel healthier? Following are some tried-and-true tips from fibromyalgia patients.

* Margit Crane suggests a warm bath scented with a favorite aroma. Lavender is touted by aromatherapists as one of the scents that helps people relax. You may want to relax in the tub by candlelight, or add bubble bath to increase your relaxation response.
* Breathe easy. You can find books about different breathing techniques, as well as a number of websites—such as and, which contain tips for relaxation breathing. Or just try a very simple exercise: inhale deeply, take twice as long to exhale as you did to inhale. A few minutes of relaxation breathing can make a very big difference in a stressful day.
* Prepare for fighting future stressors. Laura Collins created lists of her negative stressors, or downdrafts, and her positive stressors, or uplifts—things she enjoys doing, or things that make her feel better. "When I am experiencing a Downdraft, I pick two cards from my Uplift deck and do those," she says. "It balances me."
* Take some time for yourself every day—a few minutes to meditate, go for a leisurely walk, or just enjoy a cup of tea. Laura R. McMullen also recommends scheduling larger blocks of time for yourself. "Take a day off a week," she suggests. "Work your schedule so that you can enjoy one day, or one afternoon, to yourself, where you're not required to do anything."
* Keep an eye on your diet. When Miriam Deniz feels stressed or unwell, she craves broccoli; McMullen found that her outlook dramatically improved when she eliminated all refined sugar from her diet. It is especially recommended that fibromyalgia patients avoid aspartame, caffeine, and alcohol.
* Find a passion. Even if it’s an activity that sometimes causes you physical discomfort, the pleasure you take in the activity itself may improve your outlook—and create a relaxation response. For Scherry A. Clarke, that passion is her horses. "They keep me active and busy, help stave off depression, and have raised me up during some of the lowest points of my life with their love and loyalty," she says. "Yes...I will feel pain from my activities, and sometimes that pain will be mind-blowing; severe enough to literally knock me off of my feet. However, I will never, ever stop trying to get up again. This is my life … and I can either choose to ‘sit it out’ or ‘dance.’ I have chosen to dance."
* Adopt a relaxation practice, such as meditation or hypnosis. Be sure to practice on a regular basis!
* "Understand, with certainty, that you can make your situation more tolerable, no matter what the circumstances," says Celeste Taylor. "Realizing that stress will most likely never change the outcome of a situation, begin to relax and place your faith in God or a higher universal being of your choice. Smile at this comforting realization."

By: Elisabeth Deffner

Reprinted from FMOnline

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Helpful Dietary Changes

Fibromyalgia suffers reported less joint pain after being placed on a raw-food vegan diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, legumes, cereals, nuts and seeds.

If this type of diet seems hard for you to switch over to, you may want to start decreasing the amount of these food in your diet:

Soda pop (especially diet)
High fat diary
White sugar
White flour
Trans Fat
Fried Foods
Red Meats
(especially cured and smoked)

Remember to start one day at a time. If you have a bad day, try again the next day to make corrections in your diet.